• The Loony Spoon

    • Loony Spoons will troll effectively from 2.0 to 4.0+ mph, but their unique crippled baitfish action really kicks in around 2.5 mph. Make them dance and you'll get more strikes.

    • With improved brass construction, super glow paints and top quality components, Loony Spoons are stronger, brighter and more durable than ever.
    • Available in 5 sizes.

      Watch the action!

  • The Spirit Spoon

    • A more traditional looking spoon with a unique shape and action that game fish can't resist.
    • Available in 2 sizes


    Hula Head/Hula Hoochie

    • Make your own Hula Hoochies by combining our Hula Heads with 4 to 5 inch squid skirts.
    • The erratic action mimics injured baitfish or squid - Lakers love them!
    • Available in clear.

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