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Spirit Lures

The Hula Head (2)

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  • The Hula Head gives your favorite hoochies and squid skirts erratic, lifelike actions that mimic struggling baitfish or squid.
  • Each $4.00 package contains 2 Hula Heads.
  • The #3 Hula Head is ideal for octopus skirts from 4.5" to 5.5" in length.
  • Rigging your own Hula Hoochie:
  1. Snip the tip off your favorite octopus skirt.
  2. Moisten the back of the Hula Head and then slip the skirt over the back half.
  3. Slide the leader up the back hole, under the skirt, down the second hole, and then out the third hole at the front of the Hula Head.
  4. Tie on your choice of hooks, swivels, etc.
  5. Pull the leader through the Hula Head until the hook is snug against the back hole of the Hula Head.
  • "Caught over 20 kings in less than two hours and for nearly 30 minutes, we couldn't event get the other side down. Just fished one rod. Awesome!"

    - San Jose, CA

  • "Used the Loony Spoon for winter chinooks, Its wild action was just what I needed to trigger strikes. It really catches, even when the bite was off"

    Sooke, BC

  • "Tried the Loony Spoon with a triangle flasher and it was non stop action out of Bodega Bay. Four person limit in about an hour!"


    - Bodega Bay, CA

  • "Used The Loony on the big lake last July. Unreal, they out-fished all my favorite spoons and meat heads. Awesome product!"


    - Rochester, NY