Hula Hoochie
Hula Hoochie
Hula Hoochie
Hula Hoochie
Hula Hoochie

Hula Hoochie

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  • Hula Hoochies are designed with quick, erratic actions that imitate injured bait fish.
  • Trolls effectively from 2 to 3.5 mph.
  • Use with or without flashers.
  • With flashers, we recommend the following leader lengths:
    • Chinook Salmon: 4-7 feet
    • Coho Salmon: 2-5 feet
    • Lake Trout: 3-5 feet
  • For faster trolling speeds (4 mph), use larger hooks or small sliding egg sinkers just ahead of the hook and swivel.
  • Each Hula Hoochie includes:
    • Size #3 Hula Head.
    • Octopus skirt.
    • Mustad 2X strong siwash hook
    • 100 lb. barrel swivel
    • Premium 30 lb. leader material
    • Overall lure length: 5.75"
    • Most anglers prefer their favorite knots, so we left that to you.
    • Trout and char anglers may consider lighter leader material.

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    Threading the Hula Hoochie