About Us

Catch the Spirit

Salmon have always held a special place in the hearts and souls of west coast anglers. Their significance in pacific northwest folklore, coupled with their social, economic and ecological importance have been the foundation of west coast communities and cultures for years. Even today, most salmon anglers plying the waters of the pacific northwest are not just fishing, they’re catching the spirit.

Fishing these waters with my father for more than 30 years, we were never satisfied with the action of popular lure brands. Together we modified hundreds of lures to achieve more erratic, darting actions that proved extremely effective for not only salmon, but trout, char, kokanee and walleye. One design seemed to work better than the others. We fished it solo, with flashers and even vertical jigging and we always raised more strikes and caught more fish than any other lure or natural bait. Those first "Loony Spoons" attracted a lot of attention so we decided to produce a few for resale. They sold so well we decided to start a company and Spirit Lures was born.

The right action will get more strikes

The Loony Spoon's erratic, crippled baitfish action sends out the right vibrations that game fish detect through their lateral lines. Commercial salmon trollers with high-end sonar technology are reporting salmon chasing down their Loony Spoons from more than 50 meters on either side of the boat. But it's not just salmon. Anglers fishing for trout, char, pike, walleye and even striped bass are reporting excellent results. Loony Spoons just seems to attract more fish and get more strikes.

Doing our part for the environment - keeping it simple

Over 95% of the attractive blister packaging you see in tackle dealers are not reusable or recyclable. Our clear zip-lock bags and paper cards may not be fancy, but they are reusable and recyclable. Also, they're made in North America.