About Us

Throughout my early years of fishing, my quest was always to catch the elusive Tyee. Years of holding them in high regard, I learned their spiritual significance in Pacific Northwest folklore and appreciated their socioeconomic and ecological importanceto coastal communities and cultures…all cultures! As a result, I’ve always had a sense of spiritual awakening when plying the waters for salmon, believing that we’re not just going fishing…we’re catching the spirit.

Fishing with my dad for more than 30 years, we were never satisfied with the success achieved using popular spoon brands. Together, we modified hundreds of lures to achieve more erratic, darting actions that proved extremely effective for salmon, trout, char, walleye, kokanee and even bass. We fished our "Loony Spoons" for many years with great success and, after the passing of my dad, I decided to make a few for other anglers. The response has been great!

We launched in January 2020 and have witnessed increasing enthusiasm from anglers in Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon, California and the Great Lakes.

- Cameron Neufeld, founder

Crippled Baitfish Action

Struggling or injured baitfish exhibit quick, erratic darting motions and vibrations that game fish detect through their lateral lines long before they see or smell their prey. We like to call it crippled baitfish action. Our Loony Spoons and Spirit Spoons exhibit this action and are very effective for most freshwater and saltwater game fish. We invite you to experience the superior fish-catching action of our lures.