Catch the Spirit

The Right Action...More Strikes

Our lures swim more like struggling bait fish - quick, erratic darting actions that stimulate aggressive feeding behaviors and more strikes.

Hula Hoochie

The Hula Hoochies' unique design and tantalizing action is attracting the attention of professional captains seeking trophy salmon, halibut, trout and char. Flashers and other attracting devices are optional, but not necessary.

Hula Lure - Offshore Special

The Hula Lure is the same as the Hula Hoochie except it includes heavier leaders, hooks and swivels so you can rig it for faster trolling speeds and larger game fish. The next time you mark tuna or approach a kelp paddy, throw out a couple of Hula Lures.

Loony Spoon

The Loony Spoon generates its quick, erratic action from the head, much like a plug or stick bait. This natural swimming and darting motion is proving very effective for salmon, trophy trout and char.

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Threading Leaders Through Hula Hoochies and Hula Lures


In just a short time these new Loony Spoons have been proving themselves by outperforming our regular favourite lures.  They have a great looking action and the paint finish and hardware are high quality.  I fish without flashers attached to the fishing line, so these lures are perfect for getting that sporting feel of having just the fish on the line. 

Captain R. Hackinen, Brightfish Charters, Campbell River, BC

I tried the Hula Hoochie for chinooks, its wild action was just what I needed to trigger strikes, especially when the bite was off.  Worked perfect, catches fish!

Captain T. Howe, Goin Coastal Fishing, Sooke, BC

I use the Loony Spoon for rainbows and lake trout. When trolling the big lakes I can adjust the angle of the face for different trolling speeds, fast for rainbows and slow for lakers. It's pretty cool!

S. Rogers, Calgary, AB

When the kings and lakers are sleeping the Hula Hoochie wakes them up. Great product!

Captain L. Johanson, Toronto, ON

The Loony Spoon's action is intense but balanced. At first I thought it looked like an Apex, but the action is much better. It consistently outperforms most of my other lures for big rainbows and char.

K. Williams , Kamloops, BC

The Hula Lure performed very well, catching many dorado, tuna, sierra and even roosterfish. I will always have a few on board.

Captain C. Martinez, Cabo, BCS

When the fishing is slow I always have a Loony or Hula in the mix, they can really get the chinooks, cohos and lakers fired-up. My hat's off to Spirit Lures.

Captain T. Peterson, Mississauga, ON

These new Hulas really get the walleye going. I like the bleeding dorado color, we like to call it the bleeding perch.

R. Johnson, Edmonton, AB
  • Chinook - 32 lbs. (Tyee)

  • Striped Bass - 19 lbs.

  • Dorado - 28 lbs.

  • Winter Chinook - 12 lbs.

  • Lake Trout - 18 lbs. (est.)

  • Striped Marlin - 140 lbs. (est.)

Chinook - 32 lbs. (Tyee)

Striped Bass - 19 lbs.

Dorado - 28 lbs.

Winter Chinook - 12 lbs.

Lake Trout - 18 lbs. (est.)

Striped Marlin - 140 lbs. (est.)