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Increase the Strike Zone

The Right Action = More Strikes

Gamefish use their lateral lines to sense injured prey fish long before they see it. Our lures are designed to take advantage of this by swimming more like crippled baitfish. Quick, erratic darting actions that increase your strike zone and hook you more fish.

Loony Spoon

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Spirit Spoon


Loony Spoon - 5 Sizes

Loony Spoon colors - available soon in sizes #1, #2, #3 and #4


Tried the Loony Spoon with a triangle flasher and it was non stop action out of Bodega Bay. 4 person limit in about an hour!

Bodega Bay, CA

The best salmon and trout spoon on the Great Lakes!

Manistee, MI

The Loony Spoon's action looks just like an injured baitfish, and it out fishes my beloved anchovies every time I go out.

Nanaimo, BC

Tried your Loony Spoons on the big lake last July. Unreal, they out-fished all my favorite spoons and meat heads. Awesome product!

Rochester, NY

Used the Loony Spoon for winter chinooks, its crippled baitfish action was just what I needed to trigger strikes. It really catches fish, even when the bite was off!

Sooke, BC

Loony Spoons have quickly become our top producer. If you don't have them, get them and make room in your freezer.

Powell River, BC

The Loony Spoon caught most of our larger rainbows early in the season and even out-fished our favourite lures throughout the summer. Very impressive!

Salmon Arm, BC

The Loony Spoon was the top producer, I ran a series of lures on the opposite rod trying to find something that worked as well, but the Loony Spoon usually got bit first.

Campbell River, BC

Caught over 20 kings in less than two hours and for nearly 30 minutes we couldn't even get the other side down, just fished one rod. Awesome!

San Jose, CA
  • Chinook (Tyee)

  • Winter Chinook

  • King

  • Bull Trout - 16 lb. & 10 lb.

  • Coho

  • Rainbow

Chinook (Tyee)

Winter Chinook


Bull Trout - 16 lb. & 10 lb.