It's all about the Action

Our lures are designed to swim more like crippled baitfish. Quick, erratic darting actions that increase your strike zone and hook you more fish. The right action = more strikes!

Saltwater Tough

We use solid brass construction, super glow paints and superior components. Our spoons are stronger, brighter and more durable.

Loony Spoon

The ultimate trolling spoon for salmon, trout, char and other predatory game fish.

  • Superior fish-catching action
  • Out-fishes natural baits
  • Flashers not necessary
  • Premium quality
  • 5 sizes
  • Proven fish-catching colors

Made to catch fish!

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  • "The Loony Spoon out-fishes all my other lures and natural baits 3-1. It's the best salmon spoon on the market...period!"

    - Ketchikan, AK

  • "Caught over 20 kings in less than two hours, and for 30 minutes we couldn't event get the other side down. Just fished one rod. Fantastic!"
    - Lynnwood, WA

  • "The best salmon spoon on the Great Lakes, the #4 is a real big fish producer!"

    - Manistee, MI

  • “The Loony Spoon is by far my most effective salmon lure. Its action seems to call in the fish no matter where it’s placed in the water column.”

    - Sitka, AK