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The Right Action = More Strikes

A strike zone is the area in which a gamefish will respond positively to your presentation. Our lures swim more like crippled bait fish - quick, erratic darting actions that stimulate feeding behavior and effectively increase the strike zone.

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The Loony Spoon was the top producer, I ran a series of lures on the opposite rod trying to find something that worked as well, but the Loony Spoon usually got bit first.

Campbell River, BC

The Loony Spoon caught most of my larger rainbows early in the season and continued to out-fish most of my lures throughout the warmer months. Very impressive!

Salmon Arm, BC

The Loony Spoon was amazing for pike and walleye, we never trolled more than 5 minutes without a strike. In the shallows we saw pike emerge from a weed bed and chase it down from over 30 feet away!

Calgary, AB

I tried the Hula Hoochie for chinooks, its wild action was just what I needed to trigger strikes, especially when the bite was off.  Worked perfect, catches fish!

Sooke, BC

The Loony Spoon's action is intense but balanced. It looks a bit like an Apex, but the action is much better. It consistently catches more and bigger rainbows and char than most of my other lures.

Kamloops, BC

Hula Hoochies have been the ticket for Kings, straight Hulas without flashers. Lost a hog on the Big Eye Herring. Just ordered a few more!

Sacramento, CA

Pretty spoons fill my tackle box, Loony Spoons fill my fish box. Their action is awesome and color doesn't seem to matter, they just get bit. My new go-to lure for salmon and trout.

Welland, ON

We fished Hula Hoochies behind flashers at Isle Royale and they outperformed all our other lures, and the Loony Spoons were a close second! Thanks for the success!

Duluth, MN

Early in the season the Hula Hoochies caught more and bigger lakers than my other lures. Now, fishing for kings, they are proving very effective, particularly with large flashers and long leaders.

Traverse City, MI
  • Chinook (King)

  • Coho

  • Chinook (King)

  • Winter Chinook

  • Lake Trout

  • Chinook (Tyee)

Chinook (King)


Chinook (King)

Winter Chinook

Lake Trout

Chinook (Tyee)