The Right Action = More Strikes

Our lures are designed to swim more like crippled baitfish. Quick, erratic darting actions that increase your strike zone and hook you more fish.

Saltwater Tough

For 2023, we are using higher quality solid brass construction, super glow paints and stainless components. Our spoons are stronger, brighter and more durable than ever before.

  • "The Cop Car has been lighting it up here in Puget Sound, the kings have been crushing them!! My new favorite spoon…thanks for an awesome product!"

    – Puyallup, WA

  • "I bought a couple dozen to use on my commercial troller and omg they worked ridiculously well! Paid for themselves in minutes! Thanks much, I’ll be ordering more!"

    - Sebastopol, CA

  • “The Loony continues to out fish my beloved anchovies…this time 6 to 1. A few friends are using them with similar results. Thank you!"

    - Nanaimo, BC

  • "Used the Loony Spoon for winter chinooks. Its wild action was just what I needed to trigger strikes, even when the bite was off."
     Sooke, BC

  • "Caught over 20 kings in less than two hours and for nearly 30 minutes we couldn't event get the other side down. Just fished one rod. Awesome!"
    - San Jose, CA

  • "Tried the Loony Spoon with a triangle flasher and it was non stop action out of Bodega Bay. Four person limit in about an hour!"

    - Sacramento, CA

  • "The #2 Loony was awesome on the Vedder. Caught Chinook and Coho using a 3-way swivel, 1/2 oz sinker and 30 inches to the spoon. They really dance!"

    - Langley, BC

  • “The Loony Spoon is by far my most effective salmon lure. Its action seems to call in the fish no matter where it’s placed in the water column.”

    - Sitka, AK